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Public Love

Imagine a world without love: where might is right, money trumps justice, indifference cancels out compassion, and cruelty offers entertainment; a world shaped by the realpolitik of Machiavelli or the nihilism of Nietzsche.  Some leading intellectuals fear we are headed towards such…

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Utopian Fantasy?

The COVID pandemic and climate change highlighted at COP26 are forcing global business leaders radically to rethink their key role in healing the world. At the Economics of Mutuality Forum held at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam this week, former Dutch premier…

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The Best News Ever!

Sometimes we need to risk sticking our heads out over the parapet to look beyond our own church, organisation, neighbourhood or nation – to catch a much bigger picture of what God is doing across Europe and in our world. …

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A Swiss Hero

The Swiss, both Catholic and Protestant, esteem Nicholas von Flüe (1417–87) as the spiritual father of their country. Bruder Klaus, as he became affectionately known, was a farmer, soldier, councillor and judge who lived in Flüeli, the geographical centre of Switzerland…

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