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A European Journey #94 – Artashat (Armenia) In the first three centuries, Christianity advanced through much bloodshed in Armenia. Nevertheless, these persecutions could not prevent the country from becoming the first official Christian nation and one of the earliest educated nations in the world. Artashat is…

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Has The Pandemic Killed Populism?

A year ago this week, a volume entitled Is God a populist? was launched to prompt conversations among Christian leaders and policy-makers about the political phenomenon of populism. An initiative of the Norwegian Christian think tank Skaperkraft, the book contained contributions from experts…

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A European Journey #93 – Baku (Azerbaijan) Azerbaijan is a predominantly Muslim nation nowadays. But even though this is an undisputed fact, a closer look into the history of this land reveals that before the Muslim invasions, a flourishing church once existed here. The neighbouring nations…

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