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Much is at stake !!

What if the European Parliament got bogged down with the same kind of impasse we have seen recently in Westminster? This could be the outcome of this week’s European parliament elections, probably the most crucial in the forty years of…

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Whatever happened? (Part IV)

From Jeff Fountain’s book Deeply Rooted. (Part I here, Part II here, Part III here) Sir Fred Catherwood’s is another story of Christian influence in the European project. A rather unique figure in the generally eurosceptic British evangelical world, he was president of the…

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Whatever happened? (Part III)

From Jeff Fountain’s book Deeply Rooted. (Part I here, Part II here) Meanwhile, where were the Christian ‘players’? As we have seen, devout Christians have been engaged in the unfolding process at various stages, particularly Catholics. The Christian democracy movement has strongly influenced…

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A Voice From The East

“Without its Christian identity, the European Union represents nothing more than a supranational bureaucratic framework from which an increasingly large number of European nation-states feel estranged.” In clear, direct language, the audience in the imposing Patriarchal Palace in Bucharest heard…

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Whatever happened? (Part II)

From Jeff Fountain’s book Deeply Rooted. (Part I here) Eurosclerosis peaked in the mid-80’s. Enlargement was on hold. A democratic deficit, economic problems and British vetoes on EU projects produced widespread apathy and pessimism.  A welcome sea-change came however in 1985…

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