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A parable for Europe

In this weekly word from September 2014, Jeff Fountain exposes the link between the refugee crisis, the environmental crisis and the secular European lifestyle. So what does the desertification of Africa have to do with us Europeans? Much in every…

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God and Caesar (Part II)

From Jeff Fountain’s book Deeply Rooted. (Part I here) Schuman’s faith instructed and motivated all his political action.  Lex Schuman, for example, had embodied a tolerance for different faiths based on this biblical principle of equality. If Christianity taught that all were…

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God and Caesar – Part I

From Jeff Fountain’s book Deeply Rooted. Unknown to Schuman, others in seclusion, exile or internment also were grasping the opportunity to study, think, dream and prepare for the post-war years.  Already in 1933, Konrad Adenauer, when deposed as Lord Mayor of…

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