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Examining Our Hearts

Global outrage against racism triggered by the public murder of George Floyd reveals a broad- and deep-seated frustration concerning systemic injustice. Protests in Australia and New Zealand, Britain and France, the Netherlands and Germany, Italy and Ireland, Canada and Brazil,…

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Promise Of The Future

Pentecost marks the birth of the Jesus movement that is still sweeping the world beyond the awareness of most Europeans, most dramatically in our lifetime. It was a supernatural event, like the Incarnation and the Resurrection, neither planned nor caused…

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To God's glory?

As the corona crisis hit in late March, TIME magazine ran an article by theologian Tom Wright with the provocative title: Christianity Offers No Answers About the Coronavirus: It’s Not Supposed To. Wright dismisses as ‘the usual silly suspects’ any idea that…

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Our New Heroes

Almost overnight, thanks to a deadly unseen intruder, a new category of people emerged a few weeks ago whom we now call ‘essential workers’. While everyone else stayed safely at home, these new heroes (wo)manned the barricades and ran the…

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