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Bursting The Boundaries

When rivers burst their ancient boundaries, devastation of life and property results. We watched in shock on our screens this week as turbulent, rushing, muddy waters tore at the foundations of houses, tossed cars aside like toys and overturned rescue vessels…

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Cheering For Win-Win!

Fifty-five years have passed since England won its first and last major international football championship.  So understandably the English are getting wound-up about ‘bringing football home’ on Sunday evening’s EURO 2020 final with Italy. The big question is, will the…

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Saying Sorry

Germany and France have done it. So have Belgium and Britain. And even the United States. Amsterdam did it this week. But the Netherlands? Not yet.  Saying sorry is something we all have to learn. Teaching children to say that…

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Let’s Travel!

Travel is opening up again across Europe at last as corona restrictions are easing. So come with us this summer on an exploratory trip through time and space.  No, we are not organising a trip across the continent in mini-vans …yet.…

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Doing God In Brussels?

Many Christians wonder if God is still welcome in Brussels.  After all, wasn’t he banned from the Lisbon Treaty? Doesn’t the EU promote so-called ‘European values’ counter to Christianity? Isn’t it true that the EU ‘doesn’t do God’? Shouldn’t Christians…

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