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An anthem inspired

The UEFA Champions League playoffs between the last sixteen teams don’t resume yet for another three weeks. And yet the high choral strains of the anthem familiar to any football fan resounded through the Upper Room salon in Amsterdam as…

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A Dublin economist was giving his take on Brexit on a documentary about Ireland I watched over the weekend. ‘We Irish have always been the underdog’, he said, ‘so we can sympathise with others more easily. We have always suffered…

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On Boring Theology

When my youngest son introduced his wife-to-be to my 90-plus-year-old mother via skype, the first question was: ‘and what are you studying, dear?’ ‘Theology’, came the answer. ‘Oh, how boring!’ exclaimed my mother spontaneously. Mum was one for practice and…

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Merry Christmas

Looking back on 2019, we are grateful for the diversity of events, activities and publications related to the Schuman Centre in over a dozen countries. The first State of Europe Forum (SOEF) in the second half of the year, ‘Schuman for Kids’…

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