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Is The Party Over?

Belshazzar’s feast was a great display of wealth, power and hedonism with his wives and concubines entertaining a thousand guests using the golden and silver utensils from the temple in Jerusalem. Suddenly the fingers of a human hand appeared and…

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Interrupted Lives

Our lives, plans and dreams have been interrupted in just a few days – personally, nationally and globally. Our State of Europe Forum in Zagreb is cancelled (and on top of everything, a serious earthquake there yesterday!) Formula One, European…

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Global Standstill

How the world can change in just a few days! As the seriousness of the global situation began to sink in towards the end of last week, more and more governments announced increasingly stringent measures to fight the spread of…

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The Light that Failed

A week after Tom Holland’s talk about ‘the Light that shone in the darkness’ in Amsterdam’s de Balie culture centre, Ivan Krastev spoke on the same podium about his book ‘The Light that Failed’, co-authored with American Stephen Holmes. The Englishman’s ‘Light’ was the…

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