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Lost for many against the ‘horror’ background of halloween, global pandemic, American elections and a looming no-deal Brexit was the commemoration of Reformers’ Day on October 31. For on this day in 1517, ‘Hallowed Eve’ (hence Halloween) in the church calendar,…

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Polarised friends

The Dutch version of a book written by Pulitzer Prizewinner Anne Applebaum arrived this week, sent to me by my friend who had translated it for the publishers.  As the English title suggests, The Twilight of Democracy is a sober warning of…

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A Story Worth Repeating

Protest movements last week in the name of free and fair elections in the former Soviet satellites of Belarus and Kyrgzystan echo events in Central and Eastern Europe three decades ago.  Similar scenes were witnessed the streets of the eastern…

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Reason to Celebrate

The hospitalisation of a 74-year-old male American corona patient a few days ago overshadowed the 30-year commemoration on Saturday of one of the most successful geo-political experiments of all time: the reunification of Germany.  For the last three decades of German…

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