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Who Won the Peace?

This week, Europeans celebrate the end of the Second World War seventy-five years ago in different ways. For some, like the British and the Russians, it is celebrated as victory. For others, as liberation by the Dutch, Belgians and the…

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Freedom's song

At 10 am today, citizens of The Netherlands will stand on balconies, at windows and in gardens  across the nation to sing together the mysterious words of the first verse of the world’s oldest national anthem, the Wilhelmus. For this is Koningsdag,…

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Ponder the Flowers!

One of the ‘good’ things about our current crisis, I read this week, is that we’ve stopped worrying about climate change. We now worry about how to survive house arrest with kids and spouses. How to prevent (grand)mother from dying…

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Apps for Easter

Governments around the world are hoping special apps will help trace Covid-19 contacts and thus contain the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, the following four ‘apps’ I often talk about, to suggest how God has been at work in the…

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A Holy Week Warning

Yesterday was a different sort of Palm Sunday with church doors closed all over the world. No children paraded into church with palm branches, for example, despite creative efforts no doubt made to celebrate online. With more time than usual…

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