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Summer School of European Studies

Brussels, 22-26 August 2022

Evert Van de Poll with Jeff & Romkje Fountain team up again to lead the morning meditations and lectures about how the Gospel has shaped Europe from when Paul stepped ashore in Greece right up until the modern European integration movement. The lives of Erasmus, Tyndale, Groen van Prinsterer and Schuman, intertwined with Brussels, can teach us lessons about challenges Europeans face today, including Ukraine’s struggle for freedom and democracy.  Afternoon field trips

Brussels offers opportunities to learn about the institutions shaping our daily lives – the EU Parliament, the  European Commission and the European Council – and to visit the House of European History, all walking distance from the YWAM centre where meetings, meals and accommodation will be. 

Visits to the Erasmus House in Andelecht, the William Tyndale Museum in Vilvoorde on the northern outskirts of Brussels, and to the Waterloo battlefield decisive in shaping Europe over the past two centuries, will complement the meditations and lectures.

Evening activitiesFilms, discussions and free times, culminating in a graduation love feast on the last evening, will round off the daily schedule. 
The 2022 Summer School will be held in the YWAM Brussels centre, at 19 Keltenlaan/Ave des Celtes, a short walk from the Merode metro station.

Why European studies matter

Atheist Richard Dawkins has often claimed: ‘You cannot understand Europe without understanding Christianity and the Bible’. ‘

Christian historian Christopher Dawson wrote some seventy years ago: ‘We cannot begin to understand Europe unless we study the tradition of Christian culture, which was the original bond of European unity and the source of its common spiritual aims and its common moral values.’  

Nationalism, which emerged after the Reformation when Protestants tended to focus only on their own nations, led every European people to insist on what distinguished it from the rest, instead of what united it with them, wrote Dawson. 

The summer school aims to equip you with a ‘wide-angle lens’ view of Europe, the continent most shaped both by the Bible and the rejection of the Bible.

Successful completion of the summer school and an assignment can earn you credit for your university course. 

Arrival and registration:

Sunday evening, Aug 21, 20.00

Accommodation: Dormitory style for singles in the YWAM center; Couples in double rooms. 

School fees: Full costs, including accommodation, tuition, food, local transport & museum entry: €400.

Without accommodation,€300.


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