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EVENTS focusing on Europe's past, present and future

• Keeping faith in the EU? Saturday April 9, 2016, University of Wincester, UK

keeping faith

• The State of Europe Forum  – held annually on Europe Day, the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration of May 9, 1950, the official birthdate of the  EU. It is held in the capital of the country holding the presidency of the EU: Riga (2015), Amsterdam (2016), Valetta (2017)… The aim is to evaluate Europe today in the light of the vision of EU Founding Father, Robert Schuman, for Europe as a ‘community of peoples deeply rooted in Christian values’: equality, freedom, solidarity and peace. The forum is open for politicians, church leaders, civic leaders, educators, academics, media specialists, activists, and all concerned with the future of Europe. Initiated by the Schuman Centre and the Christian Poliical Foundation for Europe (CPFE). Click on image below for more information and registration.

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• RELaY European Leaders Conference, Launus, Lithuania, 4-8 May 2016.

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