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Registration for Masterclass 2018

The Masterclass for European Studies costs €400, including food, housing, transport, study materials and museum entry. For those providing own accommodation, cost is €300.

Please transfer the money to:

Schuman Centre Masterclass, IBAN nummer: NL78 DEUT 0518 7365 55      BIC:  DEUTNL2N

You will receive preparatory reading material early in July, after receipt of registration fees.

Deadline for registration is July 20.

Please register by copying and filling out the form below and sending it to:



Masterclass for European Studies, Amsterdam, July 30 – Aug 3, 2018.
1. first name
2. last name
3. email address
4. residential address
5. phone contact number (mobile or fixed address)
5. age
6. gender
7. nationality
8. church/organisational affiliation, (if any)
9. YWAM affiliation (if any)
10. occupation
11. describe why you would like to participate in this course
12. educational level (secondary/high, university…)
13. fluency in spoken English – 1 2 3 4 5 (5 high)
14. contact info of reference person (pastor, mentor, friend…)
15. special diet/other needs
16. contact person in case of emergency (name, phone number, your relationship to this person)
17. single or double room (extra cost for single)
18. any other comments