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Unstopping wells

How can we unstop the wells of the Christian heritage of Europe which have been clogged up with neglect, indifference, lies, half-truths, forgetfulness, rebellion and unfaithful witness? We need to start with ourselves. We need to learn to look around…

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Battlefield Europe

Tribunals are being constructed on the battle field of Waterloo to seat the hundreds of thousands coming this week to watch the re-enactment of the battle  which shaped 19th century Europe 200 years ago this Thursday.  I climbed to the…

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Seeing the woods

Over Pentecost weekend, I was invited to speak at a seminar during the Opwekking Conference on the topic, ‘Europe: battlefield or mission field?’     To my surprise, the seminar tent was full. For, as I told my audience, ‘Europe’ traditionally…

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