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A personal story

After the more serious reflections of the past few weeks, its time for a personal story–about the new Schuman Centre mobile office. As my sixty-fifth birthday approached last September, my wife Romkje said she needed to confess to scheming together…

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Understanding the times

Questions bombard us from all sides. Where and when will the next Islamist terror attack be? What will Putin do next? What effect will the Greek elections have on the European economy? Can democracy survive the intolerance of the ‘tolerance’…

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Lest we forget

This month we entered a four-year season of remembrance and commemoration. Through a barrage of television documentaries and newspaper articles, we will be reminded of the battles of World War One: Verdun, the Somme, Ypres, Gallipoli, Jutland and many more.…

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Default religion

The world watched on as Holland mourned this past week. Four days in a row, the same somber ceremony was performed at Eindhoven Airport, as coffin after coffin was respectfully unloaded from the Hercules aircraft into scores of waiting hearses.…

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In search of belonging

The loss of solidarity signalled by last week’s European election outcomes has prompted much concern and uncertainty concerning Europe’s future. Roy Searle of the Northumbria Community wrote in his blog that he woke up feeling depressed, downcast,  demoralized and quite…

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Why Geneva?

Last week, Russian, American, Ukrainian and European Union officials met in Geneva to seek a resolution for the Ukrainian crisis. To everyone’s surprise, a consensus was reached which gave hope for further de-escalation and a way forward. I happened to…

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