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Empty Church?

COVID-19 may be a necessary slap in the face to re-awaken the church to her mission and calling. Rather than the death-blow to an already-ailing institution, church leaders from around the world engaged in developing online congregations see more opportunity…

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How Long, Lord?

Almost six months after the start of lockdown in Europe, we still have no clear answer to the psalmist’s question, ‘How long, Lord?’ (Ps. 13). A matter of weeks, we first thought; then conceded that it could take months before…

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Farewell, Fellow Pilgrim!

For many thousands of Christians in south Asia, the name “Bart” is a household concept with a double association. The first is the ministry of ‘power evangelism’, modelled by Dutchman Bart Doornweerd, as originally inspired by the work of John…

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Restoring community

As ‘virtual pilgrims’ this past week, our summer school students and online participants – from Finland on the Arctic Circle to the Hawaii in the Pacific – traced the story of transformation in Ireland and Britain during the first millennium…

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