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The Lost Code

During the month of July, the Schuman Centre republishes the drafts of Jeff Fountain's coffee-table book aiming to promote the centrality of the Bible's influence to our Western way of life and thinking. Trying to understand western culture without knowing…

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Setting course for the New Year

Published on the 3rd of January 2011 under the title 'Setting course for...2011', this weekly word from Jeff Fountain dealt with why should Christians be involved in politics. The New Year is the time for making resolutions and setting goals. So, here’s my first resolution, which in turn will lead to goals for the coming year… and years to come. Sitting on my desk has been…

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Cause and effect?

It’s kind of like a spiritual chaos theory. You burn a Koran in Florida and a violent storm erupts in Afghanistan, Pakistan or other Muslim lands. Or you publish a cartoon in Denmark, make a film in Holland or deliver…

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The early bird deadline

A friend called my wife recently to tell her we were completely on the wrong track. She had just been to hear a British healer-evangelist speaking in charismatic circles in our country lately, who apparently has been proclaiming that God…

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