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From the Canopy of Prayer (edition 86)

Christians today are able to see beyond the fear, anxiety and danger caused by Coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, their faith in God has made them a model of encouragement and hope for non-believers. Christians believe that God is already in action, and that this pandemic is a call for awakening, and above all, a very good moment to reach the unreached people, as they start to seek GOD’s Word and are deciding to turn to Him. 

In fact, data and figures are very encouraging and help us to understand that this is the right moment. Publishing companies in America report record sales of Bibles during the pandemic outbreak. Meanwhile, according to a one survey in the United States since the outbreak of Coronavirus, 20% of non-Christian Americans have started reading the Bible and “searching online to learn more about Bible prophecy.” Fantastic! Isn’t this the right time for online Christian portals and online Christian media to become an important source of information, hope and encouragement for non-believers? 

Is this the right moment for Christian online media to strengthen their role in spreading the Word of God and helping non-believers, far from being in fear and panic, to find comfort, hope, security, and faith in Jesus Christ? 

Example Albania 

I would like also to report a fact regarding, a Christian online Media in Albania, that I founded in December of 2019. During March 2020, as the pandemic began, the number of unique visitors on Albchristianmedia doubled, compared to February 2020. 

I am totally convinced that a non-believer, who is in fear and in anxiety over Coronavirus, will feel strongly encouraged when he reads in the Christian Online media how, for example, the 90-year-old survivor of Coronavirus, Ginevra Wood gives credit to God for her healing; or when he reads online the story of the former missionary, now a hospital cleaner, who prayed for Lee’s recovery, a man who survived Coronavirus in Ireland; or when he reads online articles, prayers and sermons of pastors, Christian leaders or celebrities in politics art, sports, etc. who speak openly about their faith in Jesus Christ. 

This is the right time for online Christian media to strengthen their role. People right now are seeking peace and hope, comfort and trust by using the internet to read the messages of Jesus and GOD’s Word. In terms of isolation and social distancing, Christian online media may respond to these people in a perfect manner. 

Online media will continue to be an important source of information, even when isolation and social distancing end, as people will continue to use social media and the Internet for information. 

Let us pray that God will bless the Christian online media all over the world.

  • God, we thank you that you will not abandon your children, you will not abandon your people; we thank you for the safety and peace you give us in these turbulent times. 
  • We know God that you are in action and this pandemic is a call for all of us to reawaken and Lord, we pray that you will welcome millions of people around the world, who have decided to return to You.
  • God we pray that you will bring healing to all those affected by Coronavirus, and protection for all other people. 
  • God we pray that, you will use the Christian media, your people in the media all over the world, that they successfully fulfil your mission: to spread Your Word and Messages, touching the hearts of unreached people, by giving them peace, hope and faith.

Shaban Sulce

Founder Albchristianmedia

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