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Evening School for European Studies launched in Amsterdam

Thursday 28 October, we launched the opening session of the Evening School for European Studies in the YWAM training facility, De Poort. It was a promising start. Gabriel Jansen, who edits a city-website for Amsterdam Christians, described it as ‘very encouraging, clarifying and vision-stimulating’.

So far we are a class of over 20, with 17 on line participants, and several staff and facilitators. It is still possible for others to join up and catch up on mission sessions via the online resources. So feel free to pass the word on.

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Europe yesterday, recovering the past

Oct 28 introduction – 30- 1000 – Apostles & Pioneers
How the story of Jesus spread across Europe and shaped western society in the first millennium.
Nov 6 A walk through Utrecht – In search of Europe’s soul
Searching for clues to the roots of Europe, the source of our norms, values and institutions

Nov 11 1000-1500 – Monks & Scholars
How a movement born in Egypt’‘s desert brought learning to the European peoples, and agitated for reform.
Nov 25
1500-1800 – Reformers & Revivalists
Reform came – but not as everyone wanted it. The blessings and failings of reformation and revival.
Dec  9 1800-2010 – Visionaries & Dreamers
The dreams and visions that shaped our modern age– for better or for worse.
Jan 8 A walk through Amsterdam – secrets of a city
Hidden churches, giant synagogues and forgotten cloisters remind us of the key role faith and the Bible have played in the making of this city.

Europe today, responding to the present

Jan 20 A Secular continent?
How secularism became the faith of Europe and what now undermines that faith
Feb 3 Islam in Europe
How real is the ‘threat’ of a growing Islamic presence in Europe?
Feb 12 From Dokkum to Deventer – movements of change
Learning about Boniface, Menno Simons, Thomas a Kempis and the Brothers of the Common Life

Feb 17 New spirituality
Is the growing interest in alternative spiritualities a threat … or an opportunity?
Mar 3 Signs of hope?
The ‘bad’ news is not the only news. God is at work in many spheres and new ways

Europe tomorrow, shaping the future

Mar 17 Recovering faith, hope and vision – 10 imperatives
A history of the future: recovering faith, hope and vision for tomorrow’s Europe
Mar 31 The EU story – a forgotten vision
Can a biblical vision that inspired Europe’s recovery after the war inspired us again for tomorrow’s Europe?
April14 The R-factor – the way forward for Europe? How the Great Commandment to love God and neighbour offers a practical framework for social reform
April 28 Dreams & visions – networking for transformation
How can we release dreams and new visions for each sphere of society, and for networking locally, nationally & across Europe?


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