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Schuman Talks (Episode 8) – David Koyzis

Schuman Talks
1. Schuman Talks (Episode 1) – Tom Holland
2. Schuman Talks (Episode 2) – Evert Van de Poll
3. Schuman Talks (Episode 3) – Margriet Krijtenburg, Victoria Martin and Wolfgang Palaver
4. Schuman Talks (Episode 4) – Tom Holland and Vishal Mangalwadi
5. Schuman Talks (Episode 6) – Jonathan Chaplin
6. Schuman Talks (Episode 7) – Dr. Mari Blaj and Prof. Wolfgang Palaver
7. Schuman Talks (Episode 8) – David Koyzis
8. Schuman Talk (Episode 9) – Evi Rodemann, Suse Chmell, Frank Heinrich
9. Schuman Talk (Episode 10) – Dr. Peter Saunders
10. Schuman Talk (Episode 11) – Andrew Stallybrass

Join us for a new “Schuman Talk”, on the 9th of February, with our guest David Koyzis, author of “Political visions & illusions” and our host Jeff Fountain.

The Talk is a live event that you can watch on our Facebook and YouTube pages.

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