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The R-factor – the way forward for Europe?

ESES session 10

How the Great Commandment to love God and neighbour offers a practical framework for social reform.

This session we view two videos of Dr. Michael Schluter of the Jubilee Centre. Dr. Michael Schluter has a PhD in agricultural economics from Cornell University and worked in East Africa for six years as a consultant for the World Bank and the International Food Policy Research Institute. He is co-author of a number of books, including The R Factor (1993), The R Option (2003) and The Relational Manager (2009).


Notes for the two videos.

Chart mentioned in second video.

The R-factor part 1 video: Where do we find a framework and an agenda to bring hope to Europe.

(code is: ESES)

The R-factor part 2 video: An agenda and a strategy for changing Europe.

(code is ESES)

Cambridge papers:

Relationism: pursuing a biblical vision for society.

How to create a relational society: foundations for a new social order.

What charter for humanity? Defining the destination of ‘development’.

There are many more interesting papers on the Jubilee Centre website. Feel free to download more!

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