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The EU, past, present, future

The 2012 session was led by Jeff who opened with a presentation of the Schuman story as a refresher, assuming all have read Deeply Rooted, and we read through the Schuman Declaration together. See photo presentation . There was no recording available.

Last year, the lesson was given by Dr Sander Luitwieler, who wrote his dissertation on the Nice Treaty. He is a political consultant with the Christian Union political party in Holland and has been commissioned by the CU and the ECPM (European Christian Political Movement) to write about the European values and what contribution Christianity and the Bible made to their development.

Note also the excellent booklet which explains the various EU institutions: Europe in 12 lessons, by Blaise Pascal (EU publication)

You can follow Sander’s talk, Revitalising Europe’s values for a hopeful future. in two parts:

Part I
The EU’s ‘stateness’
The EU’s legitimacy crisis
Towards identification through values

Part II
Four contributing traditions
Five common values
Towards a relational approach to values

See here: the screenshow & notes

Video Part 1:   code: ESES


Audio Part 1:

                 (download this audio file – right click and choose “Save Link As”)                 

Part 2:

                 (download this audio file – right click and choose “Save Link As”)                 



article by Sander in Reformatorisch Dagblad: on economics dominating EU politics

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