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Europe today – Islam

ESES Session 6

Europe Today- engaging the present

What everyone should know about Islam in Europe

Last Thursday evening our topic was Islam in Europe. This is a subject requiring clear thinking and where there is much misinformation.

We covered the following:

Islam’s long history with Europe: a 1300-year relationship
• Islamism is not a new phenomenon: radical Islam has a long pedigree
• The road to Terror – how the West fed a monster
• The bloody decade: 9/11, London, Madrid, Amsterdam…
• Facts & Fiction about Muslims in Europe:
• Double identity issue:
• Christian responses to Islam

Here are the documents we used:

1. notes

2. screenshow Islam in Europe

3. audio recording, part 1

4. audio recording, part 2

5. video recording, part 1

6. video recording, part 2

7. video recording, part 3

8. video recording, part 4


Extra resources:

Colin Chapman: Cambridge paper on responding to Islam

The gates of Vienna (weekly word 4 dec 2006)

The road to Terror (weekly word 11 dec 2006)

Christine Schirrmacher on Islam:

A Common Word

Lynn Green video, Responding to Islam, Festival of the Nations, Herrnhut 2007

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