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Europe yesterday, 1800-2000

THE SECOND MILLENNIUM:      1789-1989 Revolutionaries and Visionaries!








Hi everyone,

this week’s session was the last of the first module, ‘Europe yesterday’.

We looked at the last 200 years or so showing the impact of Christian thought on social, political and cultural developments.

Here are the notes and recordings.

The second session includes a video from Francis Schaeffer from 30 years or so ago. Activate the link below to watch this video.

• teachingnotes9Dec

• screenshow9Dec

• audiosessionone9Dec

• audiosessiontwo9Dec

• videosessionone9Dec

• videosessiontwo9Dec

password: ESES

Francis Schaeffer, episode V: How shall we then live?


Reading assignments:

Read about Wesley, Carey, Hauge, Kuyper and Buchman in:

• Shapers of our Modern Times

and Robert Schuman in:

Deeply Rooted

and the following weekly words:

Robert Raikes and the Sunday School Movement

Friederich Wilhelm Raiffeisen

Samuel Plimsoll



Our next evening session is Jan 20, so we have a nice long Christmas break – time to do all this reading.

We have adjusted some dates due to travel I will need to do over the next months to New Zealand and to Hawaii.

• The remaining evening sessions will be on: Jan 20, Feb 3&17, Mar 10,17&31, Apr 14&28.

• Excursions (historical trails) will be on the second Saturday of each month as follows:

Jan 8 – Amsterdamsecrets of the city

Feb 12: Dokkum & Pingjum (Friesland) – Boniface and Menno Simons

Mar 12: Zwolle and DeventerErasmus, Thomas a Kempis and the Brothers of the Common Life

Apr 9: Brussels: the European Parliament.


Merry Christmas!

Jeff and Romkje

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