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Europe yesterday: AD33-1000

EUROPE YESTERDAY: 33AD -1000 – Apostles & Storytellers
How the story of Jesus spread across Europe and shaped western society.

We begin by reminding ourselves that the aim of this course was to:
• understand how the Bible’s message shaped Europe’s foundations;
• explore biblical responses to major influences in Europe today, including secularism, Islam, new spirituality and the EU;
• and to investigate our responsibility to shape Europe’s future.

Here are • the screenshow, • teaching notes and • recordings for the first session, in two one-hour talks.

I suggest you:

1. print out the teaching notes,

2. set up the screenshow on your computer (it is not a powerpoint but is in pdf format so view as a slideshow),

3. click on the Audio mp3 recordings and follow the notes and the slideshow.

Session 1: In search of Europe’s soul
Session 2: The early church and new beginnings

• Assignment: Research online two of the historical figures covered in these sessions and print off your own findings for your files. (e.g. Martin, Boniface, Patrick, Antony,…)

Tip: a ring binder or multi-compartment file to collate your notes will be handy, as by the end of the course you will have quite a library of information you will want to refer back to.

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