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Has COVID-19 killed populism? Or has the crisis helped populism evolve?

 “To understand how populism is evolving in the era of COVID-19 is to shine a light on the problems facing the world’s democracies.”(Foreign Affairs Magazine)

It has been 12 months since the think tank Skaperkraft launched the book “Is God a Populist? Christianity, populism and the future of Europe”.

• What has changed? • How did populist leaders respond to the pandemic challenge? • Did their disdain of ‘experts’ affect their handling of the crisis? • Did they successfully find scapegoats on whom the blame for the virus could fostered? • Have populist leaders loosened or tightened their grip on power as a result of the pandemic? • Has the crisis offered new opportunities to populist opposition leaders? • How have Christians responded to the populist message which often claims to defend ‘Christian values and culture’? 

Engage online with a panel of specialists discussing these issues in a webinar on Thursday, November 26, 8:00 pm, including:

• Susan Kerr (Luxemburg), editor of Is God a populist? • Christel Ngnambi (Belgium), political consultant and contributor to Is God a populist? • Evert van de Poll (France), author Christian faith and the making of Europemoderated by Jeff Fountain (Netherlands), director of the Schuman Centre for European Studies.

Read more about «Is God a Populist» at

The webinar is hosted by the think tank Skaperkraft and the Schuman Centre for European Studies.The webinair can be followed at 20.00 CET at:

Is God a Populist? - Skaperkraft

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