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Books Offering Understanding On Europe

Books offering understanding on Europe

BOOKS offering understanding on Europe’s past, present and future


Cahill, Thomas – The Gift of  the Jews, Doubleday, 1999







Cahill, Thomas – How the Irish saved civilization, Doubleday, 1998








Cahill, Thomas – Sailing the wine-dark sea, Doubleday, 2003 


Catherwood, Sir Fred – Pro-Europe? IVP, 1992








Chaplin, Jonathan & Wilton, Gary – God and the EU; faith in the European project, Routledge 2016

(perhaps the best academic source of UK political theology on the EU)








Clifford, Ross & Johnson, Philip – Jesus and the Gods of the New Age, Lion 2001







Dawson, Christopher – The making of Europe








Dawson, Christopher – Understanding Europe












Finney, John – Recovering the past, SPCK, 1996.







Hume, Basil – Remaking Europe, SPCK, 1992








Jenkins, Philip – The next Christendom, Oxford, 2002







Jenkins, Philip – God’s Continent







Lean, Garth – Frank Buchman – A Life, Constable, 1985







Rifken, Jeremy – The European Dream, Penguin 2004







Sacks,  Jonathan –The politics of hope, Jonathan Cape, 1997







Sacks,  Jonathan – Faith in the future, Darton, Longman & Todd, 1995







Sacks,  Jonathan – The dignity of difference, Continuum, 2002







Schluter, Michael & Lee, David – The R Factor, Hodder&Stoughton, 1993







Schluter, Michael & Lee, David – The R Option, RelationshipsFoundation, 2000






Siedentop, Larry – Inventing the individual,  Penguin 2014






Siedentop, Larry – Democracy in Europe, Columbia 2001






Stott, John – Issues facing Christians today, Marshalls, 1984







Wessels, Anton – Europe: was it ever really Christian? SCM 1994







Schuman, Robert – For Europe, Nagel, 1963 







Mangalwadi, Vishal – The Book that made your world, Thomas Nelson, 2012







Mangalwadi, Vishal – Truth and transformation, YWAM Publishing, 2009







Weigel, George – The Cube and the Cathedral, Basic Books, 2006

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