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Schuman Resources links you with books, videos and articles related to Schuman Centre activities.


EUROPE AND THE GOSPEL, by Evert Van de Poll

E&TGEssays on the influence of the Bible and Christianity on Europe as a distinctive cultural region, and their bearing on current developments, while relating them to the mission of the Church today. Dr Evert Van de Poll is Professor of Religious Studies and Missiology at the Evangelical Theological Faculty in Leuven (B), pastor with the French Baptist Federation (FEEBF), and author of several books in English, French and Dutch in practical theology, mission and church in society. He lives in Nimes. (see

Available via Schuman Resources at €25 incl. postage within Europe.

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THE HOUSE OF SQUATTERS, Jeff Fountain (English) available at

House of Squatters cover

These essays, talks and articles reflect the author’s engagement with politicians, academics, theologians, educationalists, students, church leaders and mission strategists in a variety of contexts, criss-crossing Europe for over 25 years.
The chapters are independent of each other, address different situations and can be read in any order. They remain basically as originally written or presented. The reader will thus encounter repetition and overlap, demonstrating the centrality of the Schuman story in the author’s understanding of the well-being of Europe since World War Two.
Insistently the author returns to his core theme that Europe’s future is contingent on the recovery of her memory, a fresh stirring of her conscience and an awakening of her imagination.

Living as People of Hope book cover• LIVING AS PEOPLE OF HOPE, Jeff Fountain (English) available here

An encounter in Budapest with a woman describing herself as a pagan, feminist, archetypal psychotherapist sets the author on a journey into the past in order to understand the possiblities for Europe’s future. Was she the face of tomorrow’s Europe or could there be a renewal of the truths and values which midwifed the civilisation which emerged after the collapse of Rome? How could the ‘soft’ powers of love, truth and justice restore faith, hope and vision for the future?



•                                    (Romanian)

DR triple covers• DEEPLY ROOTED, Jeff Fountain (English) available here

The largely unknown story of the spiritual father of the European Union, Robert Schuman, who envisioned ‘ a community of peoples deeply rooted in Christian values’. His years of imprisonment during the war, followed by escape and going underground gave Schuman much time to reflect on the kind of Europe that would make war unthinkable, a quest that was recently rewarded by the presentation of the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU.



ALS DAS NEUE EUROPA BEGANN (Deutsch) available here



The remarkable story of how the road to world missions leads right through the little Saxon town of Herrnhut established by refugees from Moravia and Bohemia. From this corner of modern Germany, bordering Poland and Czech Republic, missionaries set off for the four corners of the earth inspiring the modern protestant missionary movement. From Paul, Cyril and Methodius, John Hus and Comenius to Count Zinzendorf, the story continues to John Wesley, William Carey and Loren Cunningham.


THE PARADOX OF FREEDOM – the report of the State of Europe Forum, Amstrdam 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.11.33 Available sept 2016

With essays and talks by Dr Jonathan Chaplin, Msgr Ad van Luyn, Prabhu Guptara, Wim Rietkerk, Vishal Mangawadi, Jeff Fountain, Julian Lindley-French, Mink de Vries, Gerard Kelly, Bert de Ruiter and many others, presented in the Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam, May 8 & 9.



• FEAR NOT! the report of the State of Europe forum in Riga, 2015

Fear Not! front cover

The texts and records of the addresses and sessions of the 2015 STATE OF EUROPE FORUM held in Riga, Latvia, May 8 & 9, including those by Tomas Halik (Czech Republic), Andjey Zubov (Russia), Tunne Kelam (Estonia), Prabhu Guptara (Switzerland), Evert Van de Poll (France), and many others.

   available here



HOPE IN TIMES OF CRISIS – the report of the 2014 State of Europe forum in Athens

Hope in times of crisis coverThe texts and records of the addresses and sessions of the 2014 STATE OF EUROPE FORUM held in Athens, Greece, May 8 & 9, including those by Piotr Mazurkiewicz (Poland), Petros Vassiliadas (Greece), Michael Schluter (Britain), George Adam (Greece), Jeff Fountain (Netherlands), Jonathan Chaplin (Britain), and others. Also includes the Athens Affirmation.