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Still hope for Europe??!

After the attacks and threats in Paris, Hannover and now Brussels, boosting the case of nationalists and politicians of fear and xenophobia, the question looms large: is there still hope for Europe? For decades, we have been promoting a message…

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Where is your faith?

The week already began on a pessimistic note. On Monday, Frans Timmermans, vice president of the European Commission, confessed his personal fears of the European project being torpedoed by rising nationalism. He talked of a perfect storm gathering, with the…

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Spirituality and politics

It’s time to rekindle the old debate about religion and politics. Only this time let’s talk about ‘spirituality’ and politics. Which, for some reason, seems more cool and less offensive. Not that there’s any real difference except in popular perception,…

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The house of squatters

‘Having ignored its inheritance, Europe wonders why its house is falling apart’. A recent Wall Street Journal article with this sub-title claimed Europeans no longer believed in the things from which their beliefs sprang: Judaism and Christianity; liberalism and the…

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