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MA Missional Leadership And European Studies

MA Missional Leadership and European Studies

1. Programme Structure (see example timeline overleaf)
European Studies is a specialist pathway within FORMISSION COLLEGE’s MA Missional Leadership programme.

The MA is studied in part-time mode over 3 years (two-year cycle for taught modules). Three taught modules (20 credits each) are studied in year 1, followed by a further three taught modules (20 credits each) in year 2, and the Dissertation module (60 credits module) in year 3.

Three of the modules are core (all students do these); Contemporary Mission in the West (‘Mission’), Contextual Theology and Research Methodology (‘Context’) and Missional Leadership: Formation and Skills (‘Leadership’).

Two modules are specialist (European studies students do both of these); European Studies: The Making of Europe, and European Studies: Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities.

One further optional module is studied; the European Heritage Tour, or an Independent Study Module.

The three core and the two specialist modules are all facilitated at the Amsterdam campus in 3 or 4-day intensive blocks. The Independent Study module is delivered in distance-learning mode. The Heritage module option generally consists of a two-weeks mobile tour of key historical locations around continental Europe.

Academic and administrative support is provided centrally by FORMISSION COLLEGE in Birmingham, UK.

2. Calendar 2019-2020 (see example timeline overleaf)

YEAR STUDIES – This new pathway will commence at the June summer school, taking place at FORMISSIONCOLLEGE’s European campus in Amsterdam, June 17 to 20, 2019. Students will study an initial European- focused module (The Making of Europe).

Two further modules will take place during academic year 2019/20 with facilitation days as follows:

• September 30 – October 3, 2019: Contemporary Mission in the West and the Missional Conversation
• January 27-30, 2020: Contextual Theology and Research Methodology

YEAR 2 STUDIES – these will continue in academic years 2019/20 and 2020/21 as follows:

• June 22-25, 2020: European studies module (Contemporary Challenges and Opportunities)
• July 2020: European Heritage Tour (optional module), 27/6-12/7; or Independent Study Module in Spring 2021 (facilitation days yet to be fixed)
• Autumn 2020 – Leadership module (dates yet to be fixed)

YEAR STUDIES – Spring 2021 – Spring 2022: Dissertation module

3. Campus address:

De Poort, Kadijksplein 18, 1018 AC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

4. Campus facilitators and FORMISSION tutors:

The MA programme is overseen by the Programme Director, Andy Kingston-Smith, with on-site coordination provided by Jeff Fountain of the SCHUMAN CENTRE FOR EUROPEAN STUDIES. The European studies modules (two specialist and the Heritage Tour optional module) will be facilitated by Jeff Fountain and a team of expert practitioner academics. Andy Kingston-Smith and other FORMISSION college tutors will facilitate the remaining modules (three core, and one optional, if Heritage Tour module not chosen).

5. MA costs:

9,995 Euros for the full MA payable over 3 years. 4,000 Euros is payable in each of the first 2 years whilst the teaching modules are run, and the balance of 1,995 Euros is payable in year 3 (dissertation year).

6. Examples of Timeline of European Studies MA:

The order of modules studied is shown below, according to starting point in the programme cycle:

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  1. Hello,

    Is it possible to take part in the lectures for just the module “The Making of Europe” from June 17 to 20 on campus, without doing the entire online coursework afterwards? If so, how much would this cost?

    Kind regards,

  2. Dear Lucas,
    we answered on the email address mentioned with your comment.
    Best regards,
    Cédric Placentino

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