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• VIDEOS focusing on Europe's past, present and future:

Robert Schuman documentary: A Vision for Europe.

Robert Schuman (1886-1963) is one of the founding fathers of the European Union soon after the Second World War. An exceptional political man, a sincere Christian, he welcomed the call to commit himself to politics as a real vocation. His spiritual journey and his vision for unity and reconciliation between the European nations can still inspire us today in each of our countries.

For other language versions seehere.

•  a range of short talks on European issues by Philip JenkinsOs GuinnessMichael Ramsden, Michael Schluter, Vishal Mangalwadi, Jeff Fountain, Evert-Jan Ouweneel, Prabhu Guptara and many others, presented at HOPE.II, the State of Europe Forum and other events.

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Videos from Schuman Centre events:State of Europe Forums, seminars…




Europe and Maidan:

Two years ago, Ukrainians stood on Maidan square demanding their right to determine the future of their country. "People of Maidan" is a 12-part series produced by the EUthat tells the story of Maidan through the eyes of the people who were there, sharing their hopes for Ukraine in the future. You can watch the full series on our YouTubechannel:  

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see also:   • Websites  •Books    • Events  • Networks