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21 September 2018 – CANCELLED!

Topic: Finding inspiration in Robert Schuman's life and political work for today's challenges

Guest: Margriet Krijtenburg (The Netherlands) – Margriet Krijtenburg has done several works on the life and politics of Robert Schuman, including her most recent co-authored book for children, The Father of Europe.

Recommended material: Schuman, a vision for Europe : prior to the connection, we recommend each participant watching this 30 minutes documentary about the life and work of Robert Schuman.

Time: 19:00 (Central European Time)

Registration: contact Cédric Placentino:

31st of October 2018 – Daniel Forum's one year anniversary

Topic: to be confirmed

Guest: to be confirmed

Recommended material: to be confirmed

Time: to be confirmed

Registration: contact Cédric Placentino:

What is the Daniel Forum?

The Daniel Forum is a web-based community aiming to discuss about the fields of knowledge from a Biblical perspective. Its aim is to gather young Europeans together to form a web-based community of prayer and learning.

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